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The name may seem off at first but a quick bit of knowledge will happily put that back into place. A viscaria is a flower and in the language of the flowers, it means "will you dance with me?". It has an elegant feel to it. Almost too elegant. Thus, the Graceless Network was born! For even upon being brave enough to ask for a dance, you will find here only two left feet and a lack of rhythm. I've gone through a lot of sites over the years and I have come to the conclusion that I feel most comfortable when I am simply myself. I plan to make things my way; to create by my own rules. This network is me taking charge of my own interests. Here is to freedom! Let's do this! ♥     - Emrys


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All subject found on this site and within its subdomains are © to their original owners/creators. I in no way claim them and would like to emphasis that all opinions do not reflect the producers or anyone involved in the work. These are fansites, big or small. They'll express my opinions and deductions. Thank you.


Why, hello there, visitor #! Welcome to my humble new home. Kinda fancy, right? Well, if you've known me from previous years, you're probably looking around like, "Hmm, same old, same old." That's fair; I guess I have an iconic style all my own but that's what makes it fun. I like the idea that people coming to visit my sites will be able to take one look and go, "Ah! Is this one of Em's?" Yes, yes it is. For those of you who may be here for the first time, that's even more exciting! My name is Emrys and I happen to be a big giant nerd. I've bounced around the site world for well over a decade and dabbled in different topics and site-types. It was fun and I enjoyed it every step of the way, but just as life keeps progressing forward, so do my online interests. Now, we have wound up here and I intend to make the best of it so I can one day look back on this network with just as much pride.


I want this network to be a place that houses my interests, big or small. I want to be able to share with people the topics that I love, using language and presentation that fits well with me. I don't like linear; I don't care for just regurgitating facts that people already know. I want to talk about the stuff that makes these topics so fun or important or profound to me. That's what I want most out of this entire network - fun.

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Last Updated: July 17, 2018

Officially opening Viscaria to the public! Hello, hello! Welcome to the new (and not improved) network where I will be harbouring all my random shit from now on. Your one stop shop, so to speak.


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Ryohei Sasagawa from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


So, there you have it. This is what you will find here. I hope that you will regard the content here to be time well spent and I welcome anyone who wants to hop on over and be giant fans with me! If I can have you leaving my network feeling satisfied, then I would consider that a job well done and I can only hope that you will periodically keep checking in ♥

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