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Welcome to the Graceless Network

The name may seem off at first but a quick bit of knowledge will happily put that back into place. A viscaria is a flower and in the language of the flowers, it means "will you dance with me?". It has an elegant feel to it. Almost too elegant. Thus, the Graceless Network was born! For even upon being brave enough to ask for a dance, you will find here only two left feet and a lack of rhythm. I've gone through a lot of sites over the years and I have come to the conclusion that I feel most comfortable when I am simply myself. I plan to make things my way; to create by my own rules. This network is me taking charge of my own interests. Here is to freedom! Let's do this! ♥     - Emrys


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All subject found on this site and within its subdomains are © to their original owners/creators. I in no way claim them and would like to emphasis that all opinions do not reflect the producers or anyone involved in the work. These are fansites, big or small. They'll express my opinions and deductions. Thank you.


I like a lot of things but sometimes it just makes more sense to have everything I say about it on one page. Sometimes it is for large subjects or little known ones but I want to show my love for them anyway. So if you're looking for a (potentially) quick read, then I invite you to comb through these little tributes and enjoy everything I have to scream about! ♥